Meet Our Instructors

Our experienced staff offers a variety of fitness activities best suited to your needs.

Danny Babcock

Fitness & Boot Camp Instructor
(772) 812-4563

Danny Babcock has been involved in elite athletic training since November 2006. His professional fighting career (MMA) began in February 2007. As of today he has won three different title belts and currently still holds two. His training style varies from client to client depending on an initial evaluation. One of his many methods of athletic training involves strenuous effort and normal effort alternating in a continuous exercise. If you want to train like a pro athlete...then Danny’s your man. His safe and effective workouts challenge you mentally and physically.

Falon Barker

Spinning Instructor
(772) 971-4976

Falon is a must trainer to try. Her energy level, diverse classes and sweat guaranteed workout are a great way to boost your stamina. She has been teaching at Gem’s for a year now and her classes have increased from one a week to six a week due to her popularity.

Jimmie Anne Haisley

Spinning & Fitness Instructor
(772) 201-2543

Jimmie Anne is the owner as well as an instructor at Gem‘s Fitness. As a a certified personal fitness trainer, her goal with Gem’s Fitness is to create an atmosphere to encourage happy and healthy lifestyles.

Deb Pizzimenti

Yoga Instructor
(772) 971-8810

Deb Pizzimenti has been a yogi for several years and recently completed her 200 hour teacher training under the direction of Margarida Tree. For her, yoga represents the union of breath and movement, listening to the inner voice radiating out from heart’s center. After several years of running and completing marathons, half marathons and other road races, Deb dialed back the running to focus on a more holistic approach to fitness. “Yoga allows for my body to become flexible, strong and purposeful, while the breath guides me through my practice. For so long, I took advantage of those breaths that they would always there. It wasn’t until I ran the first marathon that I understood fully how valuable and supportive it can be. When my friend Tommy who was a physically fit, beefy SWAT cop struggled to sit up and breathe on his own due to a debilitating and fatal disease, I had completely wrapped myself around its importance and vitality. The Ashtanga style of yoga that I practice is the form of yoga given to us as a gift from our teachers before us. In this life, realizing my gifts and being able to share those with others who wish to accept them is the most rewarding blessing of all.”

Contact Deb at [email protected]. She would love to hear from you and to have you in a class to share yoga with you!

Lee Anne Haisley

Piloxing Instructor
(772) 215-7897

Lee Anne is a certified Piloxing trainer and a former certified Personal Fitness Trainer. Her true love is a group environment that shares her passion for pushing the limits to better health and a strong physique. You can be a beginner or an advanced client and she will find the way to help you meet your goals. Her new class entitled “Lee Anne’s Fitness Infusion” is a little bit of everything to keep you motivated.