Gem’s Studio offers the best cross training program to suit your individual fitness preference. From Pilates to Spin classes to Boot Camp, your body is guaranteed to transform.

The Cardio/Strength Studio provides Indoor Cycling Bikes, TRX, Barres, free weights, mini-trampolines, punching bags, plyometric boxes, sleds, bosus and a host of other small equipment to diversify your workout.

Our well equipped Pilates Studio boasts a Ladder Barrel, Reformer/Tower unit, Stott Reformers, and Stability/Wunda Chairs, as well as small enhancers such as the magic circle, foam rollers, and mini balls. Pilates provides a non-impact yet challenging workout whether you are new to fitness or already very active.

Our group exercise classes include Pilates, TRX Suspension training/Sculpting, Functional Fitness, Boot Camp, Piloxing, Yoga classes –  with new classes being added so check back often. All our classes will have you feeling invigorated, and stronger.

Our Rates for Services

All of our trainers function as their own individual business. Please speak with your trainer about their cost for services. Some trainers may have their own website where you can also find information, but you can call us at (772) 201-2543 with any questions.